Halton BJJ
Halton Judo


Liam McCully

Head Coach

Head Coach of Halton BJJ and affiliatied to Terrence Yu and Oli Geddes. Liam Established HBJJ in 2019 and in that time Halton students have been successful in regional and national competition, both in IBJJF and sub only rule sets.

Colin Bell

Assistant Coach

Colin had previous trained in Luta Livre (No-Gi) and BJJ (Gi) from 2012 to 2020 at Team Kaobon Liverpool, then joined Halton BJJ under Liam in 2020 practicing BJJ Gi and nogi.

Mark Ryan

Assistant Coach

Mark started training Luta Livre (No-Gi) and BJJ (Gi) from 2011 to 2020 at Team Kaobon Liverpool. Mark has trained BJJ Gi and nogi from 2020 to present at Halton BJJ under Liam.